The Competition Poster.

Seeing what is not there


Xamk RDI department of Kouvola campus co-operated with KooKoo Hockey Oy to develop the game event through a competition for students.

Staff of KooKoo had noticed they lack resources of developing their event since it has not changed in ages and some new ways of making better revenue is needed but they look at their event from the inside and the need was to look at it with fresh eyes from the outside of the organisation. The main criteria of the competition were to make more revenue for KooKoo and student teams were evaluated mostly by it.

How the project was introduced to students – enthusiasm and reception

At the Kouvola campus of Xamk we have on average approximately 160 international full-time degree students from all over the world studying here for 3,5-4 years in International Business and Game Design. In addition to this, we have approximately 40-50 exchange students each year, mainly from the EU that are studying for 1-2 semesters. Added to this we have several international lecturers from various countries, thereby making the campus environment truly international.

Projects such as this with KooKoo and the Lumon Arena, can take full advantage of the diverse culture, knowledge and languages, offered by our students. They can bring new ideas and very different perspectives compared to the Finnish view.

In addition to the international students, we have of course Finnish students that also gain international experience through student exchange and international practical training places. All of this can add up to a vast knowledge and experience base that local businesses can use to their advantage.

When this project was first introduced to students, they were enthusiastic and eager to work in this way. Getting out of the classroom and being able to use their own views and observations seemed to be something that allowed them to be creative.

Good feedback and suggestions

Although at first it seemed quite a tough challenge for the students to be able to visit a sporting event and “see what was not there”, it proved to be a challenge the students accepted and the results were very good. Students managed to give good feedback on what they found to be positive and negative about the arena and the event. Their suggestions from their own international experiences of such venues and events was both insightful and creative.

It is hoped that KooKoo will seriously consider some of these suggestions for implementation in the future as teams were able to pitch their view to the marketing director of KooKoo Mr. Matti Lindholm and his team. The team whose idea is considered as the best development idea will receive an opportunity to enjoy final home game of the season on Saturday 10th of March in a skybox which are usually rented to companies.

Writers Hugh Clack and Riku Happonen

Hugh Clack is a Senior Lecturer and Riku Happonen is a RDI Expert at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences.